WiZiFi Partnership Opportunity


How would you Satisfy today's travelers Need for Internet connectivity?

  • Do you consider offering Mobile Internet access to your Customers as a "Must-have" service included in your travel packages?
  • Do you care for your Customers Satisfaction by the quality of the offered service and their overall traveling Experience?
  • Do you want to offer them always the best Value-for-money service?  (instead of just the cheapest available, or any free unreliable solution)
  • Are you looking forward to generate remarkable additional Revenue for your business?

If you answer YES more than once above, WiZiFi is the exclusive partner to offer Unlimited Mobile Internet access to your Customers,
Anytime, Anywhere in Greece!

  • Join our quickly growing WIZIFI Partners network, already counting hundreds of members, at Greece and travelers’ origin countries,
  • Promote, Resell or Offer WIZIFI Unlimited 4G Mobile Internet access service,
  • Improve the Added-value of your services, stay ahead of the Competition, and
  • Capitalize your clients base to increase your Revenue and Loyalty with them!


WIZIFI Partnership Programs

We offer 3 different WIZIFI Partnership Programs, each one suitable for various types of business partners.  For each Program, fitting partnership terms are applied, based on partner’s involvement, commitment, or partial investment, guarantying at all cases the most profitable Commissioning, Revenue Sharing, or Wholesales partnership model!

For every Partnership Program, WIZIFI team takes care for all Marketing, Service Assurance, Logistics, Technical and Customer Care activities, while Partner is responsible to expound, promote and lead prospect customers to WIZIFI sales!


WIZIFI Online Affiliates

Place information, link and WIZIFI logo banners at your website, or offer discount coupons at your social media pages, to refer and redirect your visitors to WIZIFI online store.

For every order made by your redirected visitors we pay you Commission rate, from the very first sale.  No commitment or monthly sales quota is required.  Commission rate might be significantly increased upon monthly or quarter sales target is succeeded.

If you own, administrate, or market a traveling, tourism news, or technology related blog, website, portal, or social media pages, you can easily earn a sizeable revenue, of several hundreds of Euro per month, based on the number of redirected customers and your commitment on referring and promoting WIZIFI service.

Contact Us Now, to learn more about WIZIFI Affiliate Program, and start earning today!


WIZIFI is developing a partnership network of selected POS (Point-of-Sales) Partners in the most touristic areas of Greece.

POS Partners are mainly Accommodation organizations (such Hotels, Resorts, Villas, Hostels, or Apartments), Car Rentals, Yachting Agents, or Travel Agencies, retaining direct service interaction with their customers.

WIZIFI POS Partners promote and deliver WIZIFI service and devices directly to their customers.  Partners are responsible for storing, delivering and receiving back WIZIFI devices, participating to a profitable Revenue Sharing model, without requiring any initial investment.

Optionally, partial investment on leasing WIZIFI devices by the Partner, it could ensure an increased revenue sharing ratio, translated to a monthly turnover of several handrets to thousands of Euro, for any actually committed partner with the appropriate loyal customers’ base.

Contact Us Now, to express your interest for becoming a WIZIFI POS Partner and our Sales representatives will contact you directly to see together how a profitable partnership could be developed!

WIZIFI Wholesale Partners

WIZIFI service and back-office infrastructure is suitable to support any Partner, being leader at his market sector, who wants to become WiZiFi Wholesale Partner and offer Unlimited Mobile Internet Access directly to his customers under its own sales and pricing policy, either Co-branded or as White Label service.

Appreciated Tour Operators, DMCs, Event Organizers, Car Rentals, Yachting Agents, or even Shipping and Cruises Lines, are the best successors for such business partnership, integrating Unlimited Internet Access service jointly with the main services offered to their customers.

WIZIFI service is offered to the Partners at Wholesale Discount rates, aligned with the achieved sales volume.

Contact Us Now, to start our partnership and develop the best business case adjusted to your plans and your current business practice!


WiZiFi Most Suitable Business Partners

  Affiliates POS Partners
Bloggers(1) ✔     
Tickets Booking Sites ✔     
Accommodation Booking Sites ✔     
Online Travel Agencies - OTAs    
Event Organizers  ✔
Hospitality Management
Hotels, Resorts, Villas, Apartments   ✔   ✔
Yachting Agents    ✔  ✔
Car Rentals
   ✔  ✔
Travel Agencies
Tour Operators / DMCs

(1) Travel Experiences, Tourism News, Technology or Gadgets Reviews